If You’re Over Forty Years Old and Want to Lose Weight, the Chances Are That You’ll Struggle to Lose it as Easily as When You Were Younger and There Are Some Very Straight Forward Reasons Why This is the Case…

  • You probably have a better lifestyle and can afford to eat out more or now enjoy richer and more expensive kinds of foods.
  • It’s highly likely that you’ll be less active and more likely to do a managerial job which involves paperwork and sitting down, perhaps driving to and fro organizing others.
  • When you get to forty and beyond, you won’t be as easily influenced by the media, we now know there is so much more to life than having a six pack or toned calves etc.
  • It’s very possible that you have less time than when you were younger, even your kids may be older now and not as dependent on you for the basic things in life, but you still probably ferry them around like a free mini cab service.


Losing Weight After 40 Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge, There is Only One Real Reason Why it is Harder Than When You Were Younger…

The reason is this. You will have started to lose muscle. For every decade you live after the age of forty we lose 7% of our muscle tissue on average. When we lose muscle, our metabolism slows down as a result.

So to change this… AND WE CAN, we need to start rebuilding the muscle that we’ve lost, and we can do this by using resistance training. You can do it with free weights, machines, bands, your own body weight etc.

If we don’t replace this muscle and ideally build more, then we will store more body fat and the older we get, the worse this problem becomes.

If you look at it like this, you could eat exactly the same amount of food as you did a decade ago whilst exercising the very same amount and you would still gain weight. Remember the more muscle you have then the faster your metabolic rate will be.


Don’t Look at Getting Past 40 as a Sentence for Getting Fatter and Less Fit, it Doesn’t Have to be Like This at all!

The ONLY real reason why this happens to most people is because of this loss of muscle, which WE CAN replace by building up our levels of muscle again.

As with all ages, you will need to watch what you eat and in some cases be even more careful, but the crucial factor is to replace lost muscle, it really is the secret to losing weight after 40. But you do need to be careful of what you do because your body is not as robust as it was and you may find it takes longer to recover after your workouts which is another reason why you need to build up slowly.

Remember we are not aiming to be body building champions, just to reverse the cycle of muscle atrophy.

This applies equally to both men and women, just look at almost any of the top female celebrities that are over 40, there’s a reason why they look that way, and that reason is generally because they use a gym and workout regularly.


So Before You Throw Your Hands up in the Air and Accept the Fact that you are Going to Get Fatter as you Get Older, Do Something About it…

Losing weight after the age of forty years old is possible and many do look great as they get past forty, fifty and beyond.

But you need to take action right now by joining a gym, getting yourself a personal trainer or at the very least signing up for my newsletter so you can get my cutting edge weight loss tips and exercise advice delivered free straight to your inbox.

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