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Nash Jocic: Nutrition

Fitness guru Nash Jocic talks about nutrition. He shares some of his ideas of poor diets and the reasons why carbohydrates are so bad for you in this video.

CBS: Oprah’s Celebrity Weight Gain, For Women

Obesity expert Dr. Louis Aronne talks on CBS’s Early Show about Oprah’s weight ups and downs and puts it into perspective for everyday women.

dr oz with patient

What you put in your mouth and the exercise you do will affect how you lose weight. Dr. Oz says not to focus on Weight Loss, but rather waist loss.

As you build muscle you wont lose weight, but you will reduct your waist size by walking, and lifting weights.

30 Minute Body Weight Bearing Exercise - No Equipment Required

As a man in my late 40′s I took this on board and decided to give to incorporate a 30 minute weight bearing exercise routine into my weekly exercise routine. I need to build some muscle.

The problem I faced was that I don’t belong to a gym, and so I was looking for some sort of routine that just used body weight.

Here is a video which demonstrates safe and effective body weight exercises that anyone can do at home!

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 3.10.33 PM

Is there a connection between lack sleep, high amounts of stress and not being able to lose weight? According to a recent study from the International Journal of Obesity there is!

Lose weight now

Healthy dieting tips for weight loss contains some simple ideas and things that you can do on your weight loss journey.

Dr Oz on Vitamin D Benefits

There are many benefits of Vitamin D include longer life, less disease, fewer infections, less depression, stronger bones, less pain and less inflammation. Do you know what your Vitamin D level is? Check with your doctor with a very simple blood test called 25(OH)D test to see what levels of Vitamin D you need, as it is essential for good health.

Melonie Dodaro: Stress and Weight Loss

Stress has a much bigger effect on our heath and weight loss than we realize. Yoga, meditation, reading and walking can help to reduce stress.

Dr Oz Evening 7 Minute Workout

There are many benefits to working out in the evening, instead of in the morning, In this video Dr Oz demonstrates some exercises that you can do before bed to release tension and align your spine in a 7 minute destresser.

Dr Oz Morning Workout

Start each day with 7 minutes of strength, balance, and flexibility training everyday for a healthier, and happier life. Doing this constantly will help you reduce the chance of developing some diseases and disabilities that develop as people grow older

How to Lead a Healthy Life

Find out the factors that Dr Oz recommends concentrating on to ensure that you lead a healthier, on longer life. No matter what your age you can adopt these 5 recommendations, which are not hard to do, immediately. Don’t delay!

Can You Gain Memory by Losing Weight?

Is there a link between weight loss and memory gain? Researchers at Kent State University say that there is!

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