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Trisha Calvo: How to Get Started with Weight Loss Tips – Part 2

This is Part 2 of this video series about weight loss. Trisha Calvo, executive editor of Shape Magazine provides 3 simple ideas you can use to stay on track with any weight loss plan for women. These 3 ideas will help get you to your target weight.

Men Over 40 Health

According to a recent B.C. Medical Journal article about 40 per cent of men over the age of 45 are affected by Testosterone deficiency, but only five per cent have been diagnosed and provided with any sort of replacement treatment.

Richard Sullivan: Fitness and Bodybuilding Over 40…Why Is It So Hard?

  Richard Sullivan, author of “Reclaim Your Youth: Growing Younger After 40″ says that one thing that annoys him is that older people say it is to hard to stay in shape. When they are 30, 50 or 90 they want to claim that staying fit is so much harder. Richard says that this is…

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Tips On Losing Weight, How To Lose Weight After 40 For Women

According to Wanda Grindstaff, a successful business women aged fifty-nine, it is possible to lose weight and get healthy at any age and she has some great tips on how she was able to lose eighty pounds.

Fitness Over 40 Tips

Fitness Over 40: Fitness basics for people over forty. Why do so many people gain weight once they hit middle age? How you can start getting in shape, and stay that way using some common sense ideas for exercise and dieting.

Want To Lose Weight? Tips On How To Lose Weight As We Age

After the age of forty that engine responsible for converting calories into energy starts to slow down. In fact most of us do not realize that this is happening in our thirties as well. Here are some weight loss tips in this video that can change all that for the better!

Learning how to lose weight after 40 is tough, but with the right dedication and the right mindset, success is bound to happen no matter what.

There are even dozens of people who can’t even lose weight despite the fact that they’re already in their twenties, so it’s not about age, but about mindset and perseverance

Exercise to Lose Weight, Losing Weight Over 40

Check out this video which demonstrates over 40 year old women doing exercise to lose weight. Find out great ways to be healthy and stay fit no matter what you are is!


Here are some tips on losing belly fat when you are in your 40′s or 50′s. It requires regular and consistent exercise that eliminates stress and balances hormones. Find out more about weight loss.


Why do you need to keep a food diary? Because it makes you accountable for the food you are eating. Think back to yesterdays meals. Can you remember everything you ate, including snacks? This article outlines the benefits of keeping a food journal when you are trying to lose weight.


40 year old Tony Stamatiades, who’s his nickname is “Big Tony”, because he weights 165kgs, made the decision in December 2011to start losing weight.

He began with a good exercise and diet plan that ensures he gets regular exercise and that he eats well.


47 year old actor Russell Crowe is working on weight loss for men over 40 by setting himself a 105 day weight loss plan and tweeting out his results to all his followers as a way of staying accountable to his exercise and diet regime.

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