With weight loss there are basically two parts – What you put in your mouth and exercise.

What You Put In Your Mouth

According to Dr. Oz, they key to weight loss with eating is consuming 100 calories of food less today than what you had yesterday over a long time. Because 100 calories is such a small amount of food, your biology doesn’t figure out that you are dieting. It doesn’t seem like a big different but 100 calories over 30 days will lose you 1 pound of weight, which over a year is 12 pounds, and two years 24 pounds.

Dr Oz says that “over and over again it has been found that people who lose weight slowly, and over a long period of time and stay thing, THATS the reason.” In effect it worked because there was a subtle shift done long term.


2939796221 f893a1f887 m Dr. Oz on Weight Loss, Waist Size And WalkingThe big missing piece for a lot of people when it comes to having a diet and exercise plan is the exercise part. A lot of people want to know should I walk, run, sprint, swim? Whats the best exercise for weight loss?

The question isn’t about weight loss but rather about losing waist. Waist management. Its really all about muscle”, says Doctor Mehmet Oz. So the best exercise is walking, especially for over 40 weight loss because you wont get hurt.

However, walking is just a preamble to the ultimate exercise that you have to do, which is to build muscle mass. Muscle burns about 50 times more calories than fat does, but it is heavy. So as you begin to work out and start to build muscle you won’t lose weight, you will lose waist. You middle section will begin to get smaller.

As you lose waist you will start to look and feel better. You may not weigh less, but you notice you feel a great deal healthier than you did before. As such long term you will still be alive.

As you use muscle, say to lift weights, they burn a lot of calories. They burn even more calories in between workouts. Even when you are not doing anything and are sitting at home on the couch, you are still converting more calories than someone who doesn’t build muscle mass.

How you will lose weight long term is by walking – 10,000 steps a day, and building muscle.

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