web Adshel Advert 150x150 Gay Men Over 40, Advice on Gay RelationshipsPaul Angelo, a health and relationship strategy coach for gay men over 40 talks in this video about you can exude higher energy levels and show a healthy mindset in a relationship, especially during the holiday season.

60% of success in relationships, no matter what your age, comes down to having an efective eating and exercise plan that you adhere to. A plan that ensures you eat healthily and stay active. This will keep you young and full of stamina.

Check out this video to discover more about Paul Angel’s health and wellness strategy!

Don’t have a boyfriend? Paul created this video so that you can be happy during the holidays – Now may be a great time to look at your current health and relationship plan.

You dont need to waste a lot of time searching online, or going on a lot of dates, and you don’t need to fear that you will be alone.

Paul says his clients are amazed at how simple his idea is of changing your mindset from “lets see what happens” to a new open mindset.

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