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Healthy Weight Loss Tips Expert and Registered Dietician Brenda Thompson

Brenda Thompson, a registered dietitian and owner of Life Skills Nutrition talks in this video about who you should receive weight loss advice from.

When considering how to begin losing weight in a healthy way, you may want to consider getting the advice if a dietician. Why?

Because they are nutritional experts who has extensive training in matters dealing with food and nutrition. A registered dietician can help you to formulate a diet that will improve your health while meeting your nutritional needs. They can also help you to set short term goals in relating to losing weight. Crash dieting, starving yourself, or fad dieting never works and any dietician will tell you so.

Registered dieticians have credentials that tell you that they have completed a minimum of a Baccalaureate Degree completed in a regional accredited college or university or an equivalent, which are qualifications that they must have to work in this field of work.

They are required to keep to keep up their educational credits, and to stay informed and updated on changes in their industry, health, diet, nutrition, and wellness.

Check more about registered dieticians and healthy weight loss in this informative video from Brenda!


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