This is the second part of a two part series on losing weight over the age of forty by  Wanda Grindstaff.  She is a fifty-nine year old woman who has lost more that eighty pounds.

Wanda is passionate about helping people in her age group, and any age including a seventy year old women who is a friend of hers. She wants to share with you her weight loss story and what she learn’t and how she was able to lose the weight that she did.

For Wanda, she believes that the wining formula to losing the weight that she did was in the way she was thinking. This is the reason that weight loss programs have not worked for her in the past.

When she realized that she had to lose weight, she came to the conclusion that she had no choice but to succeed. She did not “try” to lose weight because “trying to lose weight” had not worked in the past. She wanted to be healthy and find the true her, but to find herself she had to get rid of all that fat.

Self worth and pride in herself ad well as belief and motivation were the factors that enabled her to get healthier. As a successful business women and and entrepreneur she had achieved greet things by believing in herself. So why could she not do the same with her health?

Some people find that they have to find a “why” for the weight loss to be successful. Much that same as a smoker needs to make that mental switch that they are going to stop today, the same idea applies to Wanda’s wight loss story. Her mental attitude along with a productive exercise and eating routine were the factors that she needed to achieve her goal. What changed her mental attitude was that “if she did do something right now about her fat, she was going to die.”

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If you are you over 40 and are needing help losing weight, then you need to watch this terrific video first!

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