What does Belly Fat have to do with our health, and what dangers to our health does Belly Fat represent?

Omentum fat is the fatty layer of tissue located inside the belly, where it hangs underneath the muscles in your stomach. It is also referred to as “Beer Gut, Love Handles, a Beach-Ball Belly, or a Spare Tire. Because this omentum fat is so close to your organs, it’s their best energy source. Not all fat is the same.

553916826 667a60c438 m Dr Oz On Mens Belly FatIn the times of our ancestors who had big feasts, and sometimes there were long times between meals because of lack of food to hunt etc, fat was stored on the belly. So if a famine were to hit we could easily get access to that stored fat to quickly and easily feed the liver the vital nutrients that were needed to keep us alive. In those days hunting could take all day, but today we don’t need to hunt as all food we need is readily available to us.

Omentum fat, or Belly fat, is the most dangerous to us because it poisons the liver. The liver is so important because it reconfigures all the chemicals that come into the body, and resends them to all the parts of the body where the nutrients are needed. It also blocks muscle from using sugar. It also squeezes on the kidneys, making them work incorrectly.

So Belly fat can create high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood cholesterol. Those 3 things together are called a metabolic syndrome, which is the number cause of heart attacks and strokes in men as well as impotence and wrinkles and a host of other health issues. For men over 40 fitness starts to be affected as the belly fat starts to be piled on in the 4th and 5th decade of our lives.

Losing fat after 40 is even more important for men because of what excess Belly fat can do to you, and the deadly effect Omentum Fat will have on your body.

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