In this second part of Michael Kaye’s instructional video about upper body using body weight, he continues on by showing you how to tone and build muscle in the upper torso region.

Next is the back, and doing back exercises. The back is quite difficult to do with your own body weight because you have to do a lot of pulling for there to be any effective results. So because of this you are generally pulling down, or pulling back and so you really need something that you can use to pull down with. When first starting out it can be difficult to lift your self up, such as when you use a chin up bar.

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Chin Up Bar

If you do have a bar or something that you can hang from and it is not too high then you can do a chin up position from the ground. To get the best result you want to pull as much as you can. The chin up is a strength training exercise which is an effective way to pack on muscle on your back. By cheating a little bit by having your legs on the ground it is not as hard to do, and can help you still get good results , regardless of whether you are 20, 40 or older.

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Chin Ups Variation

Click Here For Part 1 of Upper Body Workout Using Body Weight

Watch the whole video to learn more upper body using body weight exercises in detail!

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