In this video Steve Turano outlines the side effects and the dangers of a low carb diet.

Have you ever noticed how people who are on a low carb or low calorie diet are always fighting the battle of the bulge and their body compensation is not that good? Why is that?

With this type of diet about thirty percent of the weight loss is muscle loss. This typo of diet will quickly deplete the glycogen stored in the muscle and liver.

Our muscle’s primary source of fuel is glucose. The initial weight loss that comes from the glycogen depletion is seen as fat loss, which is a good result. However, glycogen is a mixture of glucose and water and the majority of it is stored in the muscle. So a large percentage of the initial weight loss is coming from muscle loss, rather than from losing fat.

This in turns trends you towards diabetes, as well as an increase in the lipogenic enzymes, which are the enzymes that store fat. Also, because you are not taking in many carbohydrates, necessary proteins are converted from the liver into carbohydrates which hinders the amount your body uses to run your body.

So instead of getting thinner with this type of diet scheme your actually getting fatter. I have tried a low car diet and after about three days I felt really run down, and very tired. I have yet to find someone that has had success with low carb, low calorie diet.

For anyone that hasn’t exercised for a while, unfit, or are over 40, you should see your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Steve knows a lot about the low carb diets, so check out this video to learn about them right now, and discover some great dieting tips!


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