Wanda Grindstaff is a fifty-nine year old successful business women who has worked in the corporate world, as well as for herself as an internet marketer. She is very passionate about being healthy at any age, and weight loss having taken the steps to lose a lot of weight herself at the age of fifty-seven. At that age she was very heavy, weighing in at over 220 pounds. She has since lost that weight in the last two years and is here to share her losing weight tips for women over the age of 40.

In 2009, at the age of fifty-seven Wanda lost her husband. It was through this loss that she came to realize that she needed to take control of her weight. She wore a size twenty, and she admits that even that size was starting to get a bit tight. Her husband had been sick for some time, and she had taken care of him at the hospital and at their home. She had devoted her life to caring for him.

From July of 2008 until March 2009 she had really put the weight on and it occurred to her that she was really sick. She could hardly get herself off the couch, found it difficult to climb a flight of stairs, it was an effort to breath, and it was an effort to do anything. She said that she was tired all the time, and pretty much worn out and very unhealthy for a women aged over forty.

She realized during the period of mourning for her husband that she had to lose the weight, get healthy and save her life. If she didn’t do anything she was going to end up dead.

Wanda says there are three very important things about weight loss that you need to know:

1. The food you eat.

2. The amount of exercise you do.

3. and the most important Wanda believes is directly related to her mental attitude.

Watch this video now to find out what Wanda did to lose over eight pounds of weight, with key tips on losing weight for women over 40 as well as her exercise and eating plan!

Click Here For Part 2 of Wanda Grindstaff’s Losing Weight Over 40.

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