5614177269 704fcdd408 m Want To Lose Weight? Tips On How To Lose Weight As We AgeThe older we get, the more fat that we have. This is because our metabolism starts to get slower. For each decade after forty that we age, our metabolism slows down by about five percent.

That process in which your body coverts food into energy is called your Metabolism. It is the engine your body uses to drive the burning of calories and the regulating of your caloric requirements.

So it is understandable that it starts to slow down after the age of forty. In fact that slowing down process, much like a car engine starts to wear our over time if not looked after, combined with the number of calories in and calories out that determines weight loss or gain. So the more calories you eat that your body doesn’t need, the more weight you will put on.

We also start to lose 6 – 8 percent of our muscle for each decade that we age so as we get older it is especially important to be mindful of what we are eating because it is so much easier to put on weight than when we were twenty-something.

Doing exercise on a daily basis will help to stop that slowing down the aging process of the metabolism and help to build muscle again!

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