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Weight Loss Strategies from Brenda Thompson

Here are 8 strategies for weight loss. that are recommended by deitician Brenda Thompson:

1. Be sure that you are ready for weight loss – it is always important to set yourself up for success, so if you are not ready to lose weight then you should not start a diet or exercise regimen or as you will not achieve good results, you will get motivated and eventually you will stop.

2. Seek advice from a registered dietician and set healthy goals – Healthy goals are ones that you know you can achieve, that are realistic and smart.

3. Stay away from fad diets – This is because you end up losing weight too quickly. Instead of losing fat you end up losing water and muscle.

4. Understand your body -  It is really important  to be aware of your families genetics will help you to get an idea of what yo need to do to lose weight.

5. Keep a food diary – this is essential in the success of weight loss. Research shows that people that keep a food diary keep the weight off much longer and are much more successful.

6. Select nutrient dense foods from all food groups.

7. Stay hydrated – water is very good for you and allows your kidneys to work more effectively to remove toxins from your body and helps to burn fat.

8. Incorporate exercise in your lifestyle.

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