Your 40th birthday has come and gone, the kids don’t need you as much as they are growing up, the scales numbers are creeping up and up, you are searching for over 40 weight loss ideas that work, and the years seem to be going by at an faster rate every year. 

Do you thing it is you? According to The Journal of the American Medical Association more than a third of men in the United States are obese, and weight-loss experts say that a whole lots of men over the age of 40 are in denial.

It’s easy enough to think that as you get older. ” I am ok, Im not fat, just a bit out of shape.  Aren’t I?… ”

Do you avoid looking in mirrors because you are terrified of what you will see? I know I do.

Perhaps you are saying that you haven’t gained any weight in years, but you haven’t weighed yourself in a few decades.

3872155588 215554ac40 150x150 Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40, Plans For Weight LossAnd that stomach just seems to keep growing and growing, while the sore back and bad knees are jus another sign of old age?

Men dont obsess about their weight, and may not be aware that their size until it is quite serious, even obese. it may not be an issue until they see that picture of them and see how unflattering it is, or they are playing with the kids and they are out of breath and unable to keep up.

When a man does realise what has happened they will start a all-out war to get in shape, so says Miller-Kovach, chief scientific officer of Weight Watchers International. “However, taking action takes a lot longer to occur with men than it does with women.” That is because we really like hiding in our man-cave ( my definition ).

Most men disregard the idea of dieting. it is more about getting fit than not being fat. It’s about getting stronger, getting rid of that gut, and getting healthier for his family, which is not a bad motivation to have says health experts, personal trainers and doctors.

All experts say that a weight loss plan for men includes having a long-term commitment to eating well and exercising on a regular basis.

You dont say to a man “You look skinny.” That is not a compliment.

When men and women get together to focus on diet (women ) and an effective workout ( men ) the results are almost always better than if they try and do it by themselves. Getting started is the toughest part for men, but once they start to see results from the workouts they are motivated to keep going.

However, and I am talking to the men here, exercise is just the gateway to getting started to losing the weight. Without a good food plan, things will hit a plateau, warns White, a longtime trainer who owns Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, Va.

To keep the weight off, nutrition comes into play more than exercise, he says.

So what weight-loss plan will work for men? Weight loss tools need to align themselves with how men think. This is because most men identify “Diet” with being something that women do. And it is mostly to do with the marketing, which is squarely aimed at the female market ( that is not being being sexist, it is just a fact!

NutriSystem has used former NFL players Dan Marino and Bob Golic as spokesmen.

Consumer Reports Health recently rated Jenny Craig as the top diet plan among the popular diets, but blogger John Durant of says Jenny Craig is in a tough position. “The company is named after a woman, which further reinforces all the female associations with weight loss programs and dieting,” he writes.

How about a male division called Daniel Craig, or a wight loss plan that talks to the hunter and gathers in all of men? How many cavemen were overweight? The popular Paleo Diet speaks to the cavemen in all of us, which gets the digits moving downwards quickly and it great as a jumpstart while more long term solutions are found.

Regardless of how it happens. it is always been easier for me to lose weight than it has for women. Just watch “The biggest Loser” and see how much more of the pounds are shed by men each week? It is how we, as men, are built. We just burn more calories.

As well we are les likely to eat as an emotional response. We dont get pregnant, or go through menopause.

Beliefs and our man-cave work against us. Lazy eaters, getting fast food instead of cooking, is also to blame. Bottom line is that it is a health issue, and obesity is sneaking up at an alarming rate.

It is easier to be pro-active and get in front of the problem rather than battling to lose the weight after we are obese. What man does that? Some, but not all.

That belt is getting tighter and tighter with each passing birthday. And when we marry the 40, 42, 44 birthdays with the belt size a decision is mode to switch to a light beer.

For men, with increasing weight size comes health risks such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and other chronic illnesses with too much abdominal fat. 40 inches and over with the waits? Time to wake up guy!

Here’s how to accurately measure your waist:

  • Place a tape measure around your bare abdomen, just above your hip bone.
  • Pull the tape measure until it fits snugly around you but doesn’t push into your skin.
  • Make sure the tape measure is level all the way around.
  • Relax, exhale and measure your waist – don’t suck in your belly.

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Over 40 weight loss tips:

We know guys have their needs: wings, beer, burgers, beer, chips, beer. You don’t have to give up all your favorites. Eating healthfully is about making little changes throughout the day. Here are some tips to help you eat less without being less of a man:

  • Good news: You don’t have to give up burgers. White says burgers made with lean beef have plenty of flavor to satisfy. And he recommends trying it on a whole-grain bun. Just dont have that big bowl of chips with it!
  • Potion size and chicken wings. Can’t say no to chicken wings? Instead of ordering 20 and a beer, try a small salad and five wings instead.
  • Light beers are getting better. For each beer you drink you will need to run for about 17 minutes to get rid of it.
  • It is easy to skip breakfast and grab something on the way to work. Don’t Try a bowl of oatmeal or whole-grain cereal. Worried about your cholesterol? Try one whole egg with three egg whites. To cut calories, switch from whole milk to skim. For a fast way to get fiber, go for a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter and a piece of fresh fruit
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