Here is a video that shows you how to do a 10 minute workout in the morning. This is great for those busy people that don’t have time to work out much – perhaps your doing so much in your day¬† – that applies to a lot of people.

Here are some options that you can use for a quick workout that will keep you healthy, and feeling fit as well as helping you to get to your weight loss plan. These option are both affective and will wake you up whether it is done in the AM or PM after dinner.

1. Wake up with Crunches

Here is an exercise that is JUST a little harder than sleeping and it WILL wake you up by doing simple movements:

Do a complete crunch cycle complete with the following:

- Regular Crunch: 10-20 reps – Just lift shoulder blades off the floor
- Reverse Crunch – 10-20 reps – Lift hips off the floor
- Double Crunch – 10-20 reps – Lift BOTH hips / shoulders off the floor simultaneously
- Left Crunches – 10-20 reps – Take right elbow to the left knee
- Right Crunches -10-20 reps – Take left elbow to right knee
- Bicycle Crunches – 10-20 reps – Take right/left elbow to left/right knee by bicycling the legs
- Plank pose – 30-60 seconds
- Stomach stretch – 30 seconds

THIS TAKES about 3-4 minutes

2. Jumping Jacks / Pushups

Do 10 jumping jacks / 10 pushups and repeat the non-stop cycle 5-10 times depending on your fitness level. This takes 3-5 minutes if you push all 10 sets.

3. Replace Pushups with Squats

If you want to add in a leg workout try replacing pushups with squats above.

4. MJDBs – Multi-Joint Dumbbells Exercises

With a set of dumbbells mix in a few exercises into one movement:

- Bicep curl, military press, tricep extensions – do 10-15 reps
- Squats, bicep curl, military press, tricep extension – do 10-15 reps
- Squat thrust, pushup x 5, stand up, bicep curl military press, tricep extension – 5-10 reps

If you select one of these exercises to do it only takes about 30 seconds per set. Mix in a few sets of each exercise and you have completed a challenging and effective full body workout cycle.

5. CARDIO Option

You can skip all the above and just run, bike, walk, elliptical glide, or row for 15-20 minutes or you can add in a quick burst of cardio for the remaining time you have.

There are many ways you can use exercise as a part of your morning routine as it is safe for people of all ages.

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